Cat Flap Fitting

Choosing a Cat or Dog Flap for your pet

cat flap in glass

Fitting a cat flap into your door or window used to mean compromising on the aesthetics of your home, allowing your dog or cat free entry into your kitchen would mean that you had to have a wood panel in the bottom of the door or window.

Things have moved on in the world of pet flaps as it is now possible to fit the pet flap directly into the glass, meaning no more crusty looking panel and allowing you to see straight through into your garden. 

There are a range of cat and dog flaps to suit all sizes of dogs and cats. Some are a simple in out door and there are also hi -tec controllable pet flaps designed to keep strays out . 

This border terrier and his brother have just been given the keys to the outdoors. They are now able to come and go as they like and as their owner works part of the day she is happy in the knowledge they are are not stuck indoors all day.

Dog flaps are extremely popular nowadays, get in touch if you would like a free quotation. I'm sure your dog will thank you.

dog flap darlington

catflap for glass
petflap for panel
petsafe pet flap


Fitting is simple, you can either supply the cat flap and we will fit it or if you prefer we can supply a cat flap or dog flap to suit your pet. Installation varies depending on the material it is being fitted into. If you have a plastic panel or wooden door it is usually just a case of cutting a made to measure hole and fitting the pet flap in place.

If you require it to fitted into a double glazed door or window we would have to supply a new sealed unit with a made to measure hole. 

Which ever method you decide on all work is guaranteed and completed at a reasonable price.