3 Ways To Fix Your Draughty Windows

By Dennis Nicholson | Blog

Dec 13
draughty upvc windows
draughty upvc windows

Draughty windows create cold spots and no go areas in your home, you possibly can feel the draught or it may be that you can hear more outside noise than you used to. What is the best way to fix it? I have listed 3 ways to get rid of cold areas around you doors and windows.

1, Perished window seals

Draughty uPVC windows need effective seals, there are two rubber seals on each opening window, it might be that both have perished or it could be just one of them, feel if the rubber is still flexible by pressing it with your finger, if it is hard to the touch there is a high probability it has perished and will be unable to compress when the window is closed allowing cold air to penetrate. Another common cause of draughts with window seals is shrinkage. Quite often you can see the rubber has shrunk at the comers of the frame leaving a gap where the cold air blows in, Either way it can usually be cost effectively replaced with a new uPVC window seal.

2, Broken Window Hinges

Draughty uPVC Windows can often be caused by broken window hinges, hinges which aren't working properly frequently cause draughts around your window sashes, you can usually tell that the hinges are broken as there will be a noticeable gap on the hinge side of the window. Hinges need to be lubricated once a year, if they are left unused or are in a damp area such as a bathroom they can seize up. If this is the case the back edge of the hinge fails to engage causing a gap when you try to close it. Hinges can be replaced with new ones and the window will open freely again and will also close securely stopping any draughts.

3, Corroded Window locks

Most modern uPVC windows are fitted with espagnolette locks, when you turn the window handle the spindle operates a gearbox which in turn moves a steel locking strip with mushroom shaped heads into steel keeps. Some locks also operate shoot blots at the the ends of the steel strip. Draughty uPVC windows can be caused by corroded espagnolette locks, espagnolette locks need lubrication annually as when they have corroded the locking strip will jam. Applying excess force breaks the gearing it prevents the bolts from engaging. Once it has jammed the locking side of the window allows air to seep through the gap.  uPVC window locks are easily replaced a reasonable cost with a minimum of fuss.

So there we have it, 3 of the best ways to cut out draughts and cold spots from around your uPVC windows. We can give you a free no obligation quote to carry out any window and door repairs for you. There is no call out charge and as we don't sell or install new windows we wont try to sell you one.


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