Lock Snapping – How to keep your home secure

By Dennis Nicholson | Blog

Mar 03

What is Lock Snapping

Lock Snapping – How to keep your home secure 1
snapped euro cylinder

Lock snapping is where an intruder can gain entry to your home by snapping the euro cylinder in your door lock mechanism. He will use every day tools to physically bend the door handle then snap the lock, once perfected it can literally take seconds to gain entry.

Door manufacturers use Euro cylinders in the majority of doors, be it composite doors or uPVC doors, in general they are fitted with the same kind of locking mechanism.

If you have recently purchased your new door from a reputable company the chances are you wont have an issue with lock snapping. Most good companies have realised that there is a fundamental problem with the cylinder that locks your door locking mechanism.

Lock snapping isn’t new but it is becoming more widespread. As you can see from the above image the cylinder has a weak spot where the fixing screw is inserted into the cylinder to hold it in place. I have to point out that in the area it is not happening on a daily basis, however I have seen an increase over the last couple of months. Anti Snap Cylinders

The BBC did an alarming lock snapping TV report in 2012 when it was becoming a problem and it has slowly been increasing.

Anti Snap Cylinders

anti snap euro cylinder

Anti snap cylinders are the simplest ways of securing your door as the will fit exactly into your existing door mechanism.

Anti snap locks are made to deter the burglar and are designed to snap at a pre prepared cut which has been manufactured to keep the integrity of the lock, when attacked and will deter any would be intruder. They are also designed and manufactured to withstand drilling and picking.

All anti snap cylinders come in a full range of sizes so there is one to fit your door.


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