uPVC Door Seals

By Dennis Nicholson | Blog

Jan 03
upvc door seals

Winter is the time to be checking your window seals

Everyone want's to keep their  home warm and dry, that's why you fit energy efficient windows and doors, however the seals on uPVC doors don't last for ever in fact depending on the direction your windows or doors are facing they possibly may only last five years or so. Rubber uPVC door seals react badly to strong sunlight and will perish over time, the rubber will harden, preventing the door from sealing properly. There are many uPVC  seals available to buy, however it is very important to fit the correct one as the seals are made to suit the make of door and they are usually quite different in terms of size and fit.

It is also  important to ensure that the rain deflector on uPVC doors (also known as a weather bar or drip) is fitted correctly and has not been kicked off or damaged as this is the best way to keep rain out.

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