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With over 30 years’ experience in uPVC window fabrication we can ensure a rapid uPVC windows repair service. If the hinges have failed or the locking mechanism has broken – the window can be repaired.

As experts in uPVC window repair we are confident that we can match the hardware specification regardless of who installed it. We stock parts for all of the major window manufacturers and can match hardware for local window companies whether still trading or have ceased to trade. If for any reason we don’t have it in stock we can get it for the following day

At Castle Lock we can source window handles to suit the majority of different window types, styles and design. Locking systems have evolved  over time and there are now dozens of locking combinations you could have.

We carry stock of all types and finishes, we will measure all dimensions and match them with the best option for your window system. We also parts for uPVC window repairs on Tilt & Turn windows.

Broken, twisted and rusted window hinges are common when uPVC casement windows get to a certain age, we will match the hinge to the correct specification for your window sash. We only use the highest specification hinges as replacements so even if you only have one faulty hinge we replace the pair.

Its is recommend that you upgrade all upstairs side hung windows to egress hinges as it is now specified for all side opening windows. When an egress hinge opens it has nearly twice the gap to escape through than a conventional hinge. 

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Window Locks

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Window Seals

Tlt and turn repairs

Tilt & Turn Repairs

uPVC Espagnolette Locks are prone to failure, especially if the windows are poorly maintained. uPVC windows need very little in the way of maintenance, however they do need to be oiled occasionally.

The opening sashes are prone to dropping and often need to be re-aligned, If the window is difficult to lock and the handle has to be forced it can lead to the gearbox inside the lock shattering usually making it impossible to open the window, we can replace gearboxes and locks.

One of the most common issues with uPVC windows as they start to age is the rubber seals perishing, they tend to go hard and at worst break away from the frame allowing drafts and water to penetrate into the house.

There are a huge amount of different seals available for uPVC windows, it would be difficult to keep a stock of all of them but we do keep the most popular seals on the van and can order the not so popular ones when needed.

Tilt and Turn uPVC window repairs are far less common than on conventional outward opening casement windows. They are an extremely robust window, however they do need attention now and again. The biggest issue is that they are usually quite large windows often need to be re-aligned and given a general service.

There is also the chance that you will have to replace parts of the mechanism, these are usually available from stock or we can get them from our suppliers very quickly

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