uPVC Door Lock Mechanism Problems

By Dennis Nicholson | Blog

Feb 02
uPVC Door Locking Mechanism
uPVC Door Locking Mechanism
uPVC door locking mechanism and replacement centre case gearbox

Question? is your uPVC door lock mechanism working as well as it did when the door was first installed?

If it is thats fine, however there is a good chance that it is more difficult to engage the hooks and bolts or turning the key.

Upvc doors are designed to be draught free and secure, however as time goes by they tend to move out of alignment and need periodic maintenance to keep them in pristine working order to avoid uPVC lock repairs.

Possible problems

  • Handles need force to engage door lock
  • uPVC door won’t lock
  • Door catches on the frame at the bottom or side
  • Door latch doesn’t hold when you close the door
  • There is a small gap at the top of the door
  • The door is draughty.

All of these symptoms point to the door being out of line, it could be an issue with the door panel not being correctly fitted or with the way the door was installed. It is advisable to take action as it puts pressure on the locking mechanism.

If you have any of the above issues with your uPVC door, it can be professionally realigned and will work as it did before.

uPVC Door Locking Mechanism is Jammed

Keeping you uPVC door lock in good working order is essential, when it stops working it is a major headache. If the door wont lock it is a security issue and is very stressful, most importantly if it is jammed when in the locked position it a bigger problem. uPVC door locks are designed to be secure therefore it is difficult to get the lock free when it is jammed.

Common Problems

  • Key wont turn
  • Key has snapped in the lock
  • Handles stuck
  • One of the hooks hasn’t retracted
  • Dead Lock is jammed
  • Handle is floppy

Upvc door locking mechanisms can be repaired or replaced, Castle Lock stocks all of the most popular door locks for immediate repairs. The more obsolete locks can be replaced with a matching specification locking mechanism within a day. It isn’t always the rule that the whole locking mechanism has to be replaced, infact it is possible to replace the centre case gearbox as this controls the locking points.

We also carry a large stock of high security anti snap cylinders, so if you just want to have a different key or the cylinder is problematic we can easily change it.


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